Circular Economy,


CDR and

Reverse Manufacturing

UTM is Circular Economy!

We believe that building a green future is the result of decisions that are made now. Mechanized Screening Units are part of these decisions.

We are responsible for the implementation and operation of two Mechanized Sorting Units, the UTMs. Located in Paulínia and Jaboatão dos Guararapes, the units separate recyclable products from organic waste using technology with international standards.

In this way, we offer industries the possibility of reinserting a 100% recycled product into their production chain.

Co-processing as a Sustainability Tool

Our renewables platform includes the recovery of waste from the production process of large industries.

To serve this segment, we invest in Co-Processing plants, where we generate CDR (Waste-Derived Fuel) or CDRP (Hazardous Waste-Derived Fuel) through the blending process.

We see in waste the potential to generate alternative fuel and bring in sustainability solutions.

Recycling Credits: A Circular Movement

Recycling Credit Certificates appear as a way to encourage the recycling chain in Brazil.

It is regulated by Decree 11.044/2022, together with the Recicla + program, to ensure that a percentage equivalent to the packaging marketed by companies that produce, sell, distribute and import packaged products is sent for recycling.

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