Recovery Unit


Transforming waste into renewable energy

We started the construction of the first “waste to energy” plant in Latin America! With world-renowned technology, the city of Barueri, in the state of São Paulo, will host our Energy Recovery Unit, which will start operating in 2025.

The venture will process around 300 thousand tons of solid waste per year, valuing the garbage of approximately 850 thousand inhabitants, and transforming it into enough clean energy to supply the demand of about 320 thousand people!

Technology that protects

The solution, which is already used in developed countries, meets the strictest safety standards in the world, with the most advanced technologies for thermal, filtration and emission control processes.

Waste to energy technology is a sustainable alternative for the environmentally correct disposal of waste in large urban centers, reducing the need to transport urban solid waste (USW) over increasing distances.

Clean energy for future generations

The plant has the capacity to receive 870 tons of Refuse per day, promoting a reduction in the emission of 128 thousand tCO2eq of greenhouse gases.

This represents a greener future for the generations to come!

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