Our Performance

Our Business Model

We believe in the sustainable development of cities, investing in innovation and technology.

  • Credits Carbon Generation of Carbon Credits by avoiding the emission of Methane Gas into the atmosphere.
  • BiogasCapture and use of Biogas in all Ecoparks.
  • Biomethane Biomethane Generation from Biogas Purification.
  • Power renewable Generation of Renewable Energy from Biogas and Biomethane.
  • Recycled Material Sorting and reuse of recyclable materials.
  • Refuse Derived Fuel Generation of Refuse Derived Fuel.
  • Organic Fertilizers Waste composting for the production of organomineral fertilizer.
  • Coprocessing Receipt of materials for coprocessing.
  • Reverse Manufacturing Mischaracterization of materials for reinsertion in the production chain.




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